Perhaps one of the biggest annual Corvette events in the country takes place on the second Sunday of February each year. The event is run by the Corvette Club of South Australia and is known as “Corvettes Rock the Bay” (CRTB). Corvettes Rock the Bay takes place in the extremely popular South Australian beachside destination of Glenelg.

Each year in February, Glenelg becomes the town of Corvettes. Over the past few years, the number of Corvettes on display numbers around 100, sometimes even exceeding this milestone number. And along with the regular attractions of Glenelg, CRTB offers not only this vast number of Corvettes, but also features a live band, food stalls and memorabilia offerings. It is expected that this year’s show will exhibit a significant number of the very latest Corvette V8 model, the eight generation of this famous marque: America’s own sports car. But also, be sure there will be a significant representation of all eight generations of Corvette. A line-up of representative cars from each generation of Corvette is usually arranged so you can follow the gradual evolution of the Corvette over its seventy years of production.

Glenelg, with its pristine white sand, is generally regarded as Adelaide’s most popular beach, with tourists flocking there during summer. This makes Glenelg a great place to visit for many reasons, but when there is a Corvettes only car show on offer, it makes a very compelling reason to make a visit.

Captain Hindmarsh arrived at the land that is now known as Glenelg in 1836. He declared that inland from his arrival point will be the site of a new colony. He names the landing point will be known as Glenelg in honour of Lord Glenelg, the Secretary of State. This makes Glenelg not only a very beautiful location, but also a very significant historical locale. The Glenelg Museum is an excellent place to visit to explore the full history of the town.

CRTB takes place on Sunday, 11th February at the Wigley Reserve, Glenelg between 10am and 2pm. All Corvettes are welcome, and you can pre-register your car before 31st January, 2024 for a discount amount of $5 or by turning up on the day, paying a $10 entry fee. If you just want to visit the show, admire the cars and chat with the owners and the many fellow-enthusiasts, then admittance is free. To pre-register, head to the Corvette Club of South Australia Online Registration Form at this link.

Interstate entrants are welcome. In fact, there is a contingent of Victorians, including Surfcoast Corvettes Members, taking the trip in their Corvettes to attend the event. Contact Mark if you would like to join the convoy across the border.