The Grapes & Gasoline Car Show took place at St Anne’s Winery, Myrniong, on Sunday, 21st January. Three cars from Surfcoast Corvettes took the trip to Myrniong to take a look and to display our cars at the show.

Mark took the Black C8 along for the ride, and Damien presented in his Blue C3. Peter fired up his C2 Restomod, but was unable to release the choke assembly, rendering his car undrivable. This was unfortunate, as Peter had just fixed a few things on the car including getting his ‘Vintage Air’ up and running, which made a huge difference to the comfort factor. Result was, he switched to his Ute to attend as a spectator.

There was a very large number of cars in attendance at the show, representing a large range of different cars. Although attendance figures don’t appear to have been released, the figure of 500 was being bandied about.

The day also presented the opportunity to check out some memorabillia, sample the food from the many food stalls, and head up to the St Annes Tasting Room. The winery has a large range of ‘ports’ available, or should I more correctly say ‘Fortified Wines’. Our team made use of the occasion to grab a few bottles for our collections.