Corvette New Year 2024


A Happy New Year to all our Surfcoast Corvette Members. For the occasion I have decided to put “pen to paper” and come up with a New Year’s Poem to welcome in 2024. Please be kind – I’ve done my best.


Last year is done and dusted, it’s time for twenty-four,

But twenty-three really wasn’t half-bad with Covid out the door.

We got back in our Corvettes with their roaring Chevy V8s,

Haulin’ down the highways, cruising with our mates.


We even had a Nationals, in Ballarat, built on gold,

Two happy warm and sunny days, but the nights were bloody cold!

Things looked a little different, with those ‘new-fangled’ mid-engine cars,

But they still all come from Bowling Green in the land of “Stripes & Stars”.


Now Summer’s here and all is set for car shows and a cruise,

Maybe even a trip interstate – it’s up to you to choose.

So, polish up your mighty Vettes to look their very best,

Scrub their wheels, clean their engines – make them stand out from the rest.

Let’s hear again those thumping big-blocks and the screaming LT3s,

The roar of a supercharged Z06 can bring a tremble to our knees.


But make the most of your Vette each year, starting with twenty-four,

For who knows when our gasoline will suddenly be “no more”.

We’ll all have electric power, derived from wind and sun,

No more V8 powerplants – how can that be any fun?

So, Happy Vetting for twenty-four, just let your Vettes run free,

‘Cos cruising down the Surf Coast is the best place you can be.